The most Model Toyota Tacoma hot in 2020

The lighting system plays an important role in the vehicle’s performance. Using the lights properly and properly will help the driver to be safe in all operating conditions. In fact, some drivers, especially “new drivers”, are still quite confused in turning on / off and adjusting different light modes. This has a certain impact on the safety of vehicles on the road.

In many cases, the traffic police will even punish them for incorrect use of lights. Therefore, knowing the effects as well as how to turn on / off, adjust the system of headlights, cos, turn signals or fog lights … in cars is considered an important first lesson for “new talents”.

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To turn on the front lights, the driver just needs to turn the control switch to the headlight symbol (usually with a three horizontal symbol in the image of the headlight). When enabled, the car’s front headlights will normally default to low beam (cos). To switch to high beam mode (phase), the driver simply pushes the integrated joystick on the left side of the steering wheel column forward. When traveling at night on the expressway, the driver can use normal headlights, but when facing an oncoming vehicle, you should slow down and switch the headlights to the cos light until the cargoes.

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